• City of Ottawa employees change lives with United Way campaign

    City employees exceeded their campaign goal this year, raising an incredible $519,007 for United Way Ottawa through the 2013 Employee Campaign. United Way 2013-14 Campaign Co-Chair Goldy Hyder attended City Council to thank City employees for their commitment. Read what Mayor Jim Watson and United Way President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Allen had to say about this incredible achievement and watch highlights of the event below. City employees have changed over 17,500 lives for the better through donations to United Way in the last 10 years.

  • Second Annual EARN Conference

    The second annual EARN (Employment Accessibility Resource Network) conference was held at Ottawa City Hall to increase knowledge and awareness around hiring people with disabilities. The event brought together several employers, service providers and people with disabilities who spoke at the conference about their experiences and why hiring these individuals is beneficial.

    For information about this year’s event, read an article by United Way’s Kelly Mertl and watch the video below. 

  • Celebrating our volunteers - Naomi Morisawa De Koven

    In Canada, there are 13.3 million active volunteers lending their time to various organizations and charities across the country.  To many organizations including United Way, volunteers are a fundamental part of their success.  United Way Ottawa is thrilled to have 10,650 of these volunteers on board.

    These people are your friends, neighbours, teachers and colleagues. They come from all walks of life, and although they volunteer for a number of different reasons, they share one common goal: Making their communities better by providing a variety of skills, time and action.

    Today we hear from Naomi Morisawa De Koven, a member of United Way Ottawa’s Community Services Cabinet.

    1.  What made you decide to get involved with United Way Ottawa?

    I was a long –standing member of the board of directors of Volunteer Ottawa, a capacity-building organization and United Way Ottawa priority goal partner.  Following my final year as past chair of that board, I applied to join the Community Services Cabinet of United Way Ottawa as I wanted to offer my prior board experience and governance skill set to an organization which I believe plays a critical role in  helping maintain the fabric of our community.

    2.  What is the best part of working as a volunteer for United Way?

    It has been less than a year since I joined the Community Services Cabinet, but my overall experience as a volunteer has been very positive.  I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of information which we receive prior committee meetings from staff, which allows us to ask educated questions and make informed decisions.  Sometimes we are asked to make hard choices, but the high level of professionalism and dedication displayed by the other committee members in debating those issues has been impressive.

    3.  What kind of impact do you think you are making as a volunteer?

    By contributing my skills and experience to the Community Services Cabinet, I believe that I am doing my part to help United Way Ottawa continue to address issues that are important to our priority goals and support organizations which make positive changes within our community.  The reason why Ottawa is recognized as a wonderful place to live and raise a family is due in large part to its “hidden workforce” of volunteers and organizations which strive to improve the lives of its citizens.    

    The extraordinary work of volunteers helps change lives every day. United Way thanks all the dedicated volunteers who have selflessly given themselves to a variety of causes, projects and initiatives.

    National Volunteer Week is a reminder to take the time to celebrate all the dedicated volunteers in our community who keep our City vibrant. If you know of an outstanding individual who has been volunteer role model in your community, nominate them this year for a United Way Community Builder award.


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